Columbia River fishing report for May 12th 2014.

Fishing for Spring Chinook at the Wind River and Drano has been excellent this year and remains good even now! Even better news from the fishing front is the WDFW has exteneded the season for spring chinook from May 15th to June 15th! There are plenty of fish around still to have some stellar days of chinook fishing. On June 16th our attention turns to Summer Chinook. The Summer Chinook are like the Spring Chinooks bigger brothers. Locally they are known as “June hogs” and for good reason. On average, the summer fish are much larger than the Spring Chinook. Usually we will catch one or two a day that are 25 to 35 pounds and sometimes up to 40 plus pounds! The Summer Chinook are just as good eating as the springs in my opinion, but you can get a lot more meat out of these fish. The season is set from June 16th, to June 30th, but we catch a lot before then and salmon will be open for retention! I have been booking seats rapidly for this fishery lately but I still have some really awesome dates available. Looking forward to catching fish with all of you this summer!