Columbia River fishing report 6/30/2017

The Summer Chinook fishery started off with a bang June 16th!  High water conditions made targeting these fish really easy, in result we had some very stellar days fishing for them.  Steelhead started showing up in the daily catches as well and we’re excited to start targeting Summer Steelhead exclusively as we head into July.  Summer Steelhead are a great eating, hard fighting, and often acrobatic fish that are a blast to catch!  We fish for steelhead with light tackle while casting and feeling the bites with the fishing rods in our hands.  Steelhead fishing will be great the whole month of July!  Looking into the future we have one of the most world renown fisheries coming up in August.  The Buoy 10 fishery is probably the most talked about and anticipated fishery that exists in the lower 48. Buoy 10 is typically great fishing the entire month of August!  September 1st, we return home to our local waters in Woodland Washington where we continue catching Fall Chinook and Coho Salmon clear through later October!  Summer fishing is in full swing and we are excited for the season to get better and better!

Columbia River fishing report 6/11/17

Fishing for Spring Chinook has been mostly successful the entire month of May and now into June.  We are still getting 2-5 fish a day most days, and now a few Summer Steelhead are starting to show up in the catch!  The Columbia River will reopen on June 16th for Summer Chinook, Sockeye, and Summer Steelhead (which we catch all species  in the same day)!  We are absolutely  ecstatic to get to fish for all three species for the remainder of June!  Summer Chinook are beautiful fish that are on locally called “June hogs”  they average 20-30lbs and can go upwards of 40lbs! Up next after June we have Summer Steelhead in July on the tributaries of the Columbia.  We target these fish with light gear and an “hands on approach” drifting for them.  I still have some really great dates left for that so email for details.  Despite what you might hear pertaining to how the fishing is, we always have something great to fish for.  Just call and I’ll shoot straight with you on what’s going on.  Looking forward to seeing old faces and new ones as well!