Columbia River fishing report 7/24/2017

While Summer Steelhead fishing remains decent, Summer Chinook fishing has continued to be fantastic!  The Summer Chinook run was updated to another 30,000 fish than previously forecasted!  With just another few days left in July, we will be switching gears and heading to Astoria Oregon for the world renown Buoy 10 fishery.  I only have a few days left for the month of August, so please get in touch asap to book your Buoy 10 seats!  Fishing for Fall Chinook and Coho Salmon will continue to be red hot from here on out!

Columbia River fishing report 7/13/2017

Fishing for Summer Chinook on the Columbia River continues to be very good!  We have been averaging three to five fish per trip with some Summer Steelhead mixed in with the catch as well.  Summer Chinook fishing will probably be winding down as we move further into late July.  Nonetheless, right after Summer Chinook and Steelhead fishing ends we will be switching gears to Fall Chinook at the Mouth of the Columbia River aka “Buoy 10”.  Fortunately,  this year is projected to be another stellar year for Fall Chinook and Coho Salmon on the Columbia and it’s tributaries!  If Buoy 10 is not what you’re wanting to fish, we will be moving back to our home waters in Woodland Washington in September to continue targeting Fall Chinook and Coho. Here we have a two fish limit and can keep hatchery or wild fish!  We are so very excited for this upcoming fall fishery, it will be another one for the record books.