Steelhead fishing in Washington and Oregon is second to none! The Lewis River and Cowlitz River produce great numbers of steelhead year after year. These fish are so aggressive that when they bite they can almost rip the rod out of your hand, not to mention they often jump up to six feet in the air giving anglers one heck of a thrill!

The Columbia River is also absolutely dynamite for summer steelhead. These fish are traveling up the Columbia River from “Buoy 10” (the estuary area where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean) all the way to Idaho and beyond. To successfully make the long journey, steelhead are packed full of healthy oils and fats that make them melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

Fishing on the Columbia River for steelhead can easily produce 10-30 fish days making it one of the most exciting and productive times of the year to fish! Winter steelhead fishing turns on in the later part of November and continues on through March, with the run peaking in December and January. Like the summer steelhead they fight like crazy, making big runs and skying out of the water! When the weather cooperates it is a great time to get out of the house and go catch these fish on the Lewis and Cowlitz rivers.

NW Columbia Fishing Adventures

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