Columbia River Fishing report 2/25/2019

After a short winter break it’s time to start making plans for this year’s upcoming fisheries.  First on the list, we have our Spring Chinook run starting soon in mid March.  This year we get the rare opportunity to fish all the way till April 10th!  Not only that, but the lower Columbia River will be closed all the way to Woodland Washington which just so happens to be my home waters.  These fish will have not seen any gear all the way from the ocean, which will make for some fantastic fishing despite a little smaller forecasted run.  Spring Chinook are the most sought after salmon in the world and with one bite you will know why.  When these fish hit the market they are typically 52-57 dollars a pound!  Get ahold of me soon to get your seats booked because they will go fast.  Next up and probably one of my favorite fisheries is Kokanee Salmon on Lake Merwin and Yale lake in SW Washington.  We are already catching good numbers of Kokanee which indicates this years fishing will be dynamite.  Kokanee, although not large they are the best eating fish next to Spring Chinook that we have.  When things really heat up late March -July it’s nearly every day occurrence to catch the whole boat worth of limits.  The limit on Kokanee is 10 fish per person so when all is said and done you’ll leave with a pretty darn good haul of meat.  It’s that time of year again to start thinking about getting out on the rivers and lakes and start catching dinner and even possibly a memory that will last forever.


Columbia River fishing report 9/24/2018

It was a great season on the Columbia this year but unfortunately it was cut a bit short due to lower than predicted Bonneville Dam counts.  The good news is the counts have really went up the last few days and things are looking promising for future runs of fall chinook.   Recently, we have been targeting the tributaries of the Columbia the past couple weeks with great success! There’s a lot to look forward to in the next couple months of fishing.  First, we are able to keep any Chinook after Oct 1st on local tributary we are fishing.  These fish are big, bright, and a blast to catch!  Still have some great dates left for that fishery.  Next up will be Coho salmon fishing in Late October, early November.  This fishery is one of my favorites due to a hands on approach casting and catching a lot of fish.  You can’t go wrong in the months of Oct and Nov so get on board before we all go into hypernation for the winter.

Columbia River fishing report 8/30/2018

Fishing for Fall Chinook at Astoria this year ended up being much better than expected.  Many times run projections given by the state are not correct.  This year seems to be that way.  Each day we caught our fish without too much trouble which is the way Buoy 10 should be.  Now we have moved inland to my home area Woodland Washington.  We are already catching limits of nice kings daily with a a few Coho salmon around too!  I still have a few really good dates left due to some cancelations so it’s not too late to get on board!  Contact me asap before these seats fill up because they will.  In October we will have Coho Salmon coming through the Columbia and we will be catching great numbers of those as well.  Late October we will switch gears and move into the tributaries of the Columbia to target coho and chinook with light tackle and different and fun presentations.. Later October and early November are a blast!  I highly suggest one of those trips! Check out our Facebook page and give it a like to see the latest catches.  See you soon!

Columbia River fishing report 7/31/2018

The Summer Steelhead season this year on the Columbia River and its tributaries were much better than expected!  Many times, run predictions are not always accurate from the Washington Department of fish and Wildlife.  For instance, the run prediction for Sockeye Salmon this year was only 60,000 and we have received 194,000 over Bonneville Dam so far.  The run prediction for Fall Chinook is also low this year but catch rates in the ocean are proving that that could be wrong as well.  We have now wrapped up our Summer Steelhead season and are gearing up for the upcoming world famous Buoy 10 fishery for the month of August and into September.   The Fall Chinook and Coho season is our longest and best fishing of the year hands down!  There’s tons of opportunity out there until clear into mid November for both species.  This year, we’re running a brand new 26ft Allumaweld Columbia that’s built for big water for you to enjoy your day even more!  Now’s the time to book your trip so let’s get out and do some catching!  See you soon!

Columbia River fishing report 6/28/2018

Fishing on the Columbia River for Summer Chinook and Summer Steelhead has been good to great depending on the day..  The Summer Chinook season closes on Saturday the 30th, but Summer Steelhead and Sockeye will remain open! I have some great dates available for July for Steelhead, so call soon to get in on the action.  Next up we have the world famous Buoy 10 fishery.  Run predictions are slightly lower than the past few but still plenty to have a ton of great days on the water!  I’m starting to book Buoy 10, but there is still a lot of great dates left.  I will have a new boat this year for the upcoming fishery which will make ride comfortability and room much nicer!  Don’t miss out on one of the best fishery’s of the year.  Call today!

Columbia River fishing report 6/7/2018

Fishing on the Columbia is picking up fast for Summer Chinook.  Within a week we’ve gone from one or two fish days to double digit opportunities.  The water height on the Columbia has dropped and now the fish are on the move!  Our seasons have been frustrating to say the least, but opportunity is definitely good.  Right now we can fish for Summer Chinook until June 15th. It will reopen on the 22nd and go until July 4th.  Thankfully Summer Steelhead will keep us busy in the meantime.  The weather is nice and the fish are in so come on out and get your fish on!

Columbia River fishing report 5/3/2018

Fishing on the tributaries of the Columbia is finally getting good!  It’s been a overall slow start to springer fishing on the tribs, but things have ramped up considerably the last few days.  Bonneville Dam counts have jumped in numbers big time as well!  Cold water temps, and high water have slowed the fish down this year. Finally, temps are rising and fish are on the move!  We will start targeting Wind River and Drano Lake this week which is already kicking out good numbers of catch rates.  May and June are hot months to fish!  Get on board while the fish are here and the weather is perfect!

Columbia River fishing report 4/10/2018

Fishing for Spring Chinook on the Columbia river has came to a temporary end.  The season ended on the 8th, but as soon as more fish move over Bonneville Dam we will get another crack at them towards the end of the month!  In the mean time, we’ll be targeting fish in the tributaries of the Columbia below Bonneville. Thankfully, some of the tribs  are expecting great runs this year!  We are very lucky to have the opportunity here in SW Washington to fish small rivers that have awesome scenery and great fishing!  Spring Chinook are arguably the best eating salmon on the planet and my personal favorite.  There’s still some great dates available this spring, so book soon for the best seats. Time to get out and catch some fish!

Columbia River fishing report 3/26/2018

Spring Chinook season are finally here!  The most anticipated season of the year has finally arrived and fish are starting to show in good numbers. The Spring Chinook fishery is one of our longest seasons, lasting from late March through mid May!  We are so very fortunate to have the best eating salmon in the world right here in our back yard! There are no longer commercial seasons on Spring Chinook so getting your hands on one at a super market is near impossible.  The last price on springer’s was $52.00 a pound in specialty seafood markets. That’s just how good these fish are!  Our Columbia River season only goes through April 7th, but there are several other rivers to catch good numbers of fish through May.  Time to wake from winter hibernation and get after some fish!

Columbia River fishing report 2/13/2018

After a short winter break it’s time to start getting excited about the up coming fishing season. Right now we have been targeting hatchery and wild steelhead on the tributaries of the Columbia River.  In between steelhead trips, we’ve been fishing for Kokanee with decent success.  Our two big upcoming fishery’s are right around the corner and will be here and gone before we know it.  First we have the late run winter steelhead on the Cowlitz River.  This is one of the best hatchery Winter Steelhead opportunities in the state.  We’ll be fishing for these awesome fighting fish in the month of March and April.  Our Spring Chinook season on the Columbia will also be heating up around the last week in march through April and into May!  If you haven’t heard, Spring Chinook are the most prized fish the northwest has to offer.  Very little fish make it to the market anymore, but when it does it goes for nearly $50.00 per pound!  The Spring Chinook forecast is calling for 170,000 fish over Bonneville Dam which is still really good.  Especially when you factor in all the fish that come into the tributaries below Bonneville.  Shoot me and email, call, or text to get on board for another fantastic fishing season!