The Lewis River, located in southwest Washington, is often listed in the top ten for best fishing rivers in the state! With its serene beauty and dynamite fishing, it always tops our list of rivers to fish. Often you can battle with steelhead or tussle with salmon and have whole stretches of river to yourself! Because the Lewis is a state removed from the great metropolis of Portland, Oregon, and a long drive from the huge city of Seattle, Washington, a much smaller population of people fish this awesome river.

The North Fork of the Lewis River produces fish catching opportunity 365 days a year. In November winter Steelhead start making their way into the Lewis River, making for awesome fishing for these crazy fighting fish. In May, great numbers of spring Chinook salmon start entering the Lewis River . For nearly a month, we back bounce eggs, use Kwikfish and back bounce herring for these tasty fish. When late June arrives it is time to start targeting Summer Steelhead. These aggressive fish, just like their winter steelhead counterparts, are a blast to catch! These fish are known as the acrobats of the Northwest often jumping and flipping through the air. Summer Steelhead bite very hard, and when the hook is set on them they are not happy, showing the person with the fishing pole in their hands who is boss. When Fall Chinook (King Salmon) and Coho (Silver Salmon) arrive in September it is red-hot fishing on the Lewis. This is when special Salmon eggs are brought out and going fishing turns into going catching! We back bounce and hover fish salmon eggs until December with great success on these Fall Chinook. So come see the beauty of Southwest Washington and the Lewis River and have a great time catching all the fish it has to offer.

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