Washington fishing guides and Oregon fishing guides alike, depend on Washington and Oregon rivers to produce good returns of salmon and steel head every year. Washington Fish and Wildlife does its best to make this happens for all of Washington’s sport fishermen each year. While some years are better than others, there has been a consistency of great fish returns to our Northwest Rivers for many years now. Any Columbia River fishing guide will tell you that the Columbia River and its tributaries are thriving year in and year out. Fishing in Washington is the best fishing in the lower 48, and if fish runs continue to dwindle in Alaska It could soon be considered the best salmon, steel head, and sturgeon fishing in the whole country, and quite possibly the world.

I sometimes ask myself, where else in the world can you go on a 5 min boat ride, and catch a salmon, steelhead, and sturgeon all the same day, and in the same mile or so of river? There are many areas on the Columbia River where this is the case, and this is why Washington fishing guides have the pleasure to call this wonderful state and its rivers our home. Fishing Washington is something everybody should experience if they find themselves visiting Washington State or even if they have lived here all their lives. Check our fishing report page for the latest news on how the fishing is on our local rivers, and book your trip in advance to reserve the best dates for the upcoming year.

NW Columbia Fishing Adventures

Oregon fishing guide and Washington fishing guide, specializes in 1 to 6 man fishing trips on Northwest rivers. From Buoy 10 to Bonneville dam we catch Salmon, Sturgeon, Winter Steelhead, Summer Steelhead, Kokanee, Walleye, Shad and Bass. Book a trip today good dates fill fast.