Columbia River fishing report 9/5/2015

By September 8, 2015Fishing Reports

Now that the B10 fishery is over and done, we have moved inland to intercept the Fall Chinook and Coho in the Woodland and Longview Washington area. We will be anchoring in special spots on the Columbia River for a couple weeks catching high numbers of fish with what are known as “wobblers”. “Wobblers” are a thin piece of metal with vibrant colors painted on them that swim in a 10oclock to 2oclock motion making fish very angry when travelling near them. Fish bite these “wobblers” with such aggression that the fishing rod goes down extremely hard with line peeling of the reel in no time! This is a great fishery to kick back and enjoy the scenery while watching your rod get bit often throughout the day! I still have availability for this great fishery on the Columbia River. We will then move into the tributaries of the Columbia River with a more “hands on” approach. “Hover fishing” is when everyone has a rod in their hand and finds the bottom with the appropriate amount of lead attached to the fishing poles. We will be using different types of bait for this type of fishing, although the predominate bait will be salmon eggs. Having the right salmon eggs and scents is crucial to the success of fishing in the tributaries.   I’m excited to meet all that will be fishing with me for the remainder of the year and see all the familiar faces again this fall.  Hope to see you soon!