Columbia River fishing report for Apr 25th, 2014

By April 27, 2014Fishing Reports

Fishing on the Columbia River for Spring Chinook this year has been an interesting one to say the least. Fish were in no hurry to show this year due to ever changing water conditions. Finally, around the last week in March, they started showing in good numbers. Luckily, Washington department of fish and wildlife extended the season to April 14, and then one more day on the 19th. This finally provided some excellent fishing! Now that the lower Columbia River has been closed the attention has been shifted to the Willamette River in Portland Oregon. The Willamette has been producing some great days the last couple weeks and should remain good until the middle of May. Also coming up is the Wind River and Drano Lake fishery! These are my favorite fisheries for Spring Chinook! When Bonneville fish counts go on the rise to three thousand and better, it’s time to hit the Wind or Drano. I still have some great dates available for these rivers. From the last week in April, till the last week in May, we will be catching good numbers of the highest quality spring chinook available. There will be a 2 fish limit this year at Wind River and Drano Lake! If you were lucky to find these fish in a fish market, you would pay top dollar per pound. It is definitely worth the money, to not just get fish for the freezer, but have a lot of fun catching them! This fall, if you haven’t heard is forecasted to be the largest ever on record run of Fall Chinook, (1.6 million) and near all-time record breaking run of Coho Salmon! If you ever have ever wanted to catch a lot of fish in one day, this is your year! Don’t miss out on this one! I am very excited to fish with all of you on our upcoming fisheries for salmon and steelhead this year! This is going to be one to remember!