Columbia River fishing report for Sep 30th 2013

By November 5, 2013Fishing Reports

As of September 30th 2013 over one million Fall Chinook have passed through Bonneville Dam! Now that the Columbia River has slowed down, we have focused our attention on its tributaries. Fishing for Fall Chinook was absolutely insane on the Columbia River this year, and it is starting to show that the Columbia is not only river that is getting massive runs of Chinook this year. Customer after customer, have had the joy of fighting fish till their arms are dead so far this month! Chrome bright Chinook are in the tributaries of the Columbia in such large numbers that it’s been easy to have 20 to 30 fish days for nearly a month! This year, the date to which we can keep native fish has been bumped up to Oct 1st from Sep 12th from previous years. Being able to catch hatcheries has been quite the challenge so far this month. Weeding through a ton of native fish to get to keep hatchery Chinook has been the norm so far for the month of Sep, but we have been successful in doing so. This is definitely the year to get in on the best Salmon fishing many have ever seen. Things are looking up for future runs of our Fall Chinook on the Columbia River and its tributaries. If you are interested in fishing for these fish, it is strongly advised to book well in advance for next year’s fish. Anytime between Aug 15th through Dec 10th are prime dates for this fishery.