Columbia River fishing report for May 31 2012

Hello everyone.  Fishing on the Columbia River is starting to pick up nicely for oversize and keeper sturgeon!  Also the shad are running in huge numbers right now making for a fun day on the water catching them one after another.  Summer Chinook will be open on the 16th of June and it is anticipated to be a great opener for the “June hogs” and also Sockeye Salmon.  The Summer Chinook are a fantastic tasting fish much like the Spring Chinook that come in just before them. Sockeye Salmon are also one of the best table fare fish their are,  Sockeye Salmon are not a very large fish but they make up for it in taste and healthy fish oils they contain. This is my favorite time of year to be a Columbia River fishing guide, because there are several different species of fish for and catch in great numbers!  The Columbia River Summer Steelhead will start to mix in with the catch of the Summer Chinook and Sockeye as well, and in late June, early July it will be full-fledged hot Summer Steelhead fishing!  This is a popular time to fish so seats will fill fairly fast, book your trip ASAP for the best dates.   I will also be spending quite a bit of time on the North Fork of the Lewis River and Cowlitz River during the month of July, These fishery’s are much more of a hands on approach to catching fish because everyone has a fishing pole in their hands, casting constantly into areas where fish hold.   So if that’s what you like to do make sure to let me know that you want to experience a much more pro-active way to fish.  Hope to hear from you soon!

Columbia River fishing report for May 11th 2012

Hi everybody.  Fishing is phenomenol right now at the Wind River and Drano Lake!  On the 10th of May we landed 11 fish 10 of them were keepers, limiting out the boat!  With high numbers of chinook passing through Bonneville Dam it should only get better and better for a few weeks!  These Fish are all Columbia River Spring Chinook that are either heading up stream to eastern Washington or entering the Wind River and Drano Lake itself, and  these are the best table fare fish there are. With the limit set at two fish per person, and Spring Chinook prices set at $26.00 a pound, you are for sure to get your money’s worth of these awsome eating fish!  Summer Steelhead will be right behind these springers in July, and we are forcasted to have another dynamite run into the Columbia River and its tributaries.   In June, Sockeye Salmon are also expected to return to the Columbia River in huge numbers!  A run of 450,000 Sockeye are expected to come back to the Columbia this year which is a gigantic run of these also fantastic table fare fish.  Fishing will be great from now until November, this is the time of the year fishing guides and fisherman alike all wait for. Book your trip with your Columbia river fishing guide today, and be prepared to have a ball catching alot of  fish in the Pacific Northwest.