Columbia River Fishing Report 5/13/16

Spring Chinook fishing has now came to an end, but it was definitely another season to remember!   Now we are switching gears and starting to target Summer Steelhead, walleye and shad.  This month, I am running a shad special to get more kids out to enjoy the hot action that shad fishing is. From May 20th to June 5th we are doing $100 a person shad trip on the Columbia River! Shad are hard fighting fish that range from one to four pounds. Most days the action is nonstop for these awesome little fighters!  This is a great fishery to get kids (and adults) hooked on fishing!   In June, we will start catching Summer Chinook! This is probably my favorite fishery of the year! Summer Chinook are big, and also one of the best eating fish the Columbia River has to offer. During the Summer Chinook season we are also hooking a few Summer Steelhead and sockeye per day as well! June and July truly are great fishing months! I still have some really great dates in June and beginning of July for what are locally known as “June Hogs”. Get in touch soon, the upcoming summer fishing season is creeping up fast!