Columbia River fishing report for Oct 25th 2013

By November 5, 2013Fishing Reports

Fishing through the month of October was one for the record books! Now that the month is nearly over, fishing is starting to slow down a bit. We are still catching 5 to 10 fish a day, and on a normal year that would be a great day but this year it is considered “slowing down”. I project fishing to really slow down around the 1st week in November, and then quickly ramp back up for the Winter Chinook. These fish will start showing in good numbers around the second week of Nov. If the Winter Chinook show up in not even half the numbers that the fall fish did, it will be one heck of a stellar Winter Chinook fishery this year! Don’t let the cooler weather detour you from getting out and catching some of the awesome winter run of Chinook in the very near future. I always carry a 45,000 BTU heater during the winter months, which is a big enough propane heater to melt a polar ice cap, so don’t worry about being miserable out on the water. Feel free to call or email anytime to book a day of great Winter Salmon fishing. Hope to see you soon.